Advanced way to attract new clients

Promote your solution among dozens of SMEs by issuing just one promo code
We’re developing an advanced affiliate program beneficial for all parties. Just issue a discount for the end-users and your offer will be promoted organically among dozens of companies without your participation.
Traditional ad is cool but one more channel is never an obstacle. Set an extra stream of leads without advance investments and boost your SEO with dozens of external links.

One more traffic source

The end-users of our platform are well-educated with digital products and visit the page with perks interested in seeking new tools for their businesses.

Catch hot leads!

No need to discuss conditions and solve end-user's issues. Skip tiny payments to dozens of companies in a variety of ways. Smthg is a unified mediator taking care of all issues.

Simplified everything

Let your product promote itself – your offer will be implemented into the dozens of digital products and placed on a par with other great solutions. What are the solutions?

Boost your brand awareness

In just three simple steps

Definitely suits |

Why present Bonus program sucks

Once we created the Bonus program for our parent company, we stuck with dozens of issues on our way: partners research, databases creation, multiple refuses, constant conditions renewal… Shortly speaking, it is a real hell where no party feels comfortable.
We’re eager to change that. We’re seeking for partners to simply connect them with those who might need their solution. Everything is to let the best-of-its-kind companies spread their services without a hurdle.

A bit about conditions

We need no prepayments to set your company as a participant of our Bonus program and you won’t pay until the leads take key actions.
The majority of affiliate programs share a percentage with partners only. We believe that the end-users deserved more, so the discount for them is our strong condition.

Pay when receive

Three-side benefits

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And it’s just the first version. Soon, we’ll give you more tools to attract customers and develop your business