Page with exclusive offers for your clients

Enrich your product by giving your customers real discounts on known tools and services
Smthg - “Offers from our partners” page for your clients in a minute | Product Hunt
Creative way to boost your solution. Generate the page with perks in several clicks to enhance your offer for leads and retain current clients.
Your clients – startups, SMEs, freelancers – are constantly looking for new tools for their teams. Let them reach top deals right on your platform and boost user satisfaction highly.

Benefit your users

No need to search for suitable partners, discuss conditions with stakeholders, and so on. We found ones, handled things, and set a working platform for your comfort.

Skip the boring

offers from 20+ areas: for admin, sales, design...
2 mins to click offers and easy to maintain
ready-to-use page to care only about its promo
in a form of a URL to simplify the usage
real discounts without BS credits or trials
free solution (with Pro features if needed)
Smthg is frozen for now ;( Connect co-founder if you want to learn more

In just three simple steps

Why set the page with perks?

Expand product functionality

Implement an additional mini-service into your product without huge investments

Boost user satisfaction and NPS

Everyone likes discounts and benefits, so give your users more vivid emotions

Retain your current customers

Add extra retentive point to become more preferable among the competitors
Discover what companies use such a product
Smthg is used by |
  • This is brilliant! Very clever what you guys are building :)
    Max Bidna
  • Smthg is a creative way to get more users and offer something nice to your own customers. We joined early. So far our experience is excellent. They're quick with support.
    Olaf Jacobson
    CEO at Soon

Choose your plan

Advanced features to customize your page and benefit from it highly

  • unlimited partners to choose
  • access to the top offers
  • custom texts, colors, and your logo
  • and other features


free forever
Free plan with main features. Just choose offers and get your page the same day

  • up to 15 partners to choose
  • page with your unique link and basic branding


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