How to use the page with perks to better grow your product
Thanks for your interest in Smthg! Here we’ll give you some tips and tricks on how to implement the page into your product and customer journey not spending a lot of time on it and getting as much from our solution as possible.
General tips
  • Better let your users know about the page after the events of success: purchases, subscription prolongation, and making other key actions (you better know your product). This is the time they’re the most likely to explore other benefitial opportunities.
  • The most effective way to use your page is to let your customers know that you have created the special page with perks for the sake of their businesses and promote it accordingly. Thus, they’ll see the value that you offer to them and definitely appreciate it.
  • Let the users know the loud names before they visit the page: ClickUp, Live Chat, AnyWord, or others that you’ve chosen. This will leave a few reasons for them not to explore the solution.
  • Include mentioning the page in your sales pitches in different channels: website, emails, ads, and so on. For instance, you can promote your product as follows: ‘Use the best-of-its-kind solution for product team management and get access to 20+ discount offers from our partners as well’
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#1. Embed the page as a part of your solution
If you have a digital product or at least personal accounts for your customers, you can embed the bonus page as one more feature your solution offers. Talk with your product and dev teams about the opportunity to incorporate the page with perks into your product and discuss the ways how to make this more natural.

You can:
  • add a button with the page to the user’s personal account or settings
  • add the page in the menu of your product
  • add the page as a part of the dashboard of products
  • include the info about discounts into the footer inside the whole product
  • include the featuring of the page at the end of the onboarding process
#2. Incorporate the page into the customer journey
Imagine you’re your website visitor, then lead, then customer, then the top-paying user, or those who want to unsubscribe from the product. Then think about how you can use the page with perks together with other features to move your user through this funnel or retain them on certain steps.

Let the website visitors know that once they become the paying customer, they’ll get access to dozens of discounts from the best B2B tools. Provide your leads with info that they are one step away from the page with interesting benefits. Let your customers know that the solution is now accessible and they can use it until they subscribed to you. Remind them that you constantly refresh the members of the page and add more delightful discounts for the customers. And so on… Just brainstorm this with your team, you’ll find smthg interesting.
#3. Use the page as an exclusive feature
You can give access to the page with perks for the customers on advanced subscriptions only. Here’s one more feature to appreciate users exploring richer plans! Tell your customers on the small subscriptions that once they upgrade, they’ll get access to the unique discounts prepared especially for them.
#4. Feature the page in chats
One more way to notify users about the unique opportunity to save money is by featuring the page during conversations with customers. Tell them that you’ve collected the best digital products to help benefit their business. Do they ask about the discount from your company? Let them know that you’ve got even more :)
#5. Tell users about the page in your emails
Don’t forget about email marketing. Include info about the solution in your sequences, journey letters, and newsletters once you’ve decided on the proper strategy regarding the page. Don’t forget that it’s better to mention the discounts page when users are ready to explore other solutions so it should be appropriate.
More ideas on how to benefit from the page usage
  • Have a referral or loyalty program? Promote all of them together with the perks and your customer will get a whole lot of benefits as one.
  • Do you use services that are placed on your page? Tell users about a positive experience with them and link to the page with the discounts from these companies.
  • Do you give users integrations with other products? If there’re perks from these companies on our Marketplace of Perks, make users happy by giving not only integrations but real discounts on these products too.
Success stories
Have more ideas for promotion? Contact us anywhere, we’ll be delighted to hear from you! Also, share your feedback on the page with perks and its implementation.

We’ll definitely encourage those who attract many clients and promote the page in the best or most extraordinary way.
So let’s start rocket together in 3, 2, 1… Go!